Lawn Care Service

lawn care service

John McEvoy Lawn Maintenance has been providing reliable, affordable and flexibly scheduled Lawn Cutting Service for 25 years.

Reliable Lawn Cutting Service

By reliable, we mean that we will show up when we are supposed to. Our proprietary grass cutting scheduling system makes sure all of our clients get service when they want.

Affordable Lawn Care

By affordable, we mean that our prices are generally at, or slightly below, the average competitor’s price. By running an efficient lawn care business in Morganville, we are able to offer our lawn care service more affordably than local grass cutting companies.

Flexibly Scheduled Lawn Mowing Service

By flexibly scheduled, we mean that you can activate and cancel the service whenever you like. 25 years of great customer service has shown us how to satisfy our lawn mowing clients, season after season.

The benefits of hiring an efficient grass cutting service

Getting optimal lawn care for your property is an extremely beneficial decision. There are many reasons why you should avoid the DIY route when dealing with your lawn, and we are going to name some of the advantages of using a proper grass cutting service.

Lawn care company saves you time for personal use

Lawn care and grass cutting activities in general can be very time consuming. We are living in a hectic and fast paced world, and every minute of free time is valuable.

Save money hiring John mcevoy lawn maintenance

Some people think that they save money by doing their lawn care, but the truth is that you spend far more on chemicals, equipment and other items you need for this task. When you hire a professional for this job, you pay a much lower price.

However, when you try to do your own lawn care, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to achieve the best results. If you hire a professional for this job, the results are going to be outstanding and this is going to help you boost your property value.

Avoid damaging your lawn by hiring a professional lawn care service

Those who choose the DIY option are often going to damage their lawn in ways that can be very costly to repair. Professional lawn care and grass cutting requires a great deal of experience. 

Above all, taking care of your lawn can often lead to injuries if you are inexperienced. There is no need for you to end up cutting yourself or even burning yourself with chemicals.

Finally, investing in your lawn care by hiring a professional grass cutting service is always the best decision. Some people may have enough free time to engage in grass cutting themselves, but they would need to learn many details about proper lawn care before they can do this process in a way that looks professional. 

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We cut the grass of residential homes in:

  • Cliffwood Beach
  • Hazlet
  • Sayreville
  • Keansburg
  • Keyport
  • Manalapan
  • Parlin
  • South River
  • Union Beach
  • Marlboro
  • Matawan
  • Middletown
  • Morganville
  • Old Bridge
  • Port Monmouth
  • South Amboy
  • Aberdeen Township

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We take pride in responding to our current customers or potential future customers inquiries very quickly.

You can get in touch with us through the contact page on this website or call us at 732-431-7544. We look forward to speaking with you

Why we stand out from the rest of the Lawn Cutting Services in Central New Jersey

  • We truly care about our lawn care customers and give personal attention to each one of them.
  • Integrity and honesty from top to bottom. You can trust in the best lawn service.
  • We are affordable and our lawn cutting prices are fair.
lawn service company

The Best Lawn Cutting Reputation

  • We earn and maintain our reputation on each and every lawn we cut.
  • Serving you is our desire; Pleasing you is our commitment.
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