Lawn Service FAQ

Do we have to sign a contract?

NO. We work through verbal agreements. You can cancel anytime you want.

When does the cutting season start and end?

We start cutting grass sometime in April depending on the weather and continue to cut on a weekly basis until the middle of November. However, a verbal agreement, as opposed to a rigid contract, allows you to cater the service to your individual preferences. You can stop the service whenever you want us to by simply leaving a message on our voicemail or contacting us through this website.

Do we have to get the lawn cut every week?

NO. While most customers want it cut weekly a small portion want it cut every other week. We can also switch the service from weekly to every other week as often as you like because the lawn grows at different speeds at different times of the year.

What other services do you provide besides grass cutting?

We provide cleanups and hedge trimming jobs for seasonal lawn cutting customers who request these services. We only do these jobs before the cutting season starts (usually mid-April) and after it ends (mid-November).

How do you bill?

You will receive a bill in the mail at the end of every month for any services provided during that month. The bill will provide the dates the services were performed along with the total amount due.