Professional Lawn Cutting Service

Finding the best professional lawn cutting service is the most important thing that you can do for your lawn. Cutting your grass can be very harmful or very beneficial. Few of us understand how to mow the lawn properly. The extent of our lessons was the time our father showed us how to start the lawn mower and pointed us in the direction of the front yard and said “Cut the grass.” That is how John McEvoy started and he worked hard and gained experience and started his own lawn cutting service more that 20 years ago.

If you’re an average American homeowner, you spend 40 hours a year behind a lawn mower. Chances are your lawn cutting technique falls under two styles: you mow your grass every week at the same time and in the same way; or you wait until your backyard begins to look like the Savannah, and mow only when you begin to lose things in it.

How your lawn is cut will have an impact on the health and appearance of your lawn – it’s vigor, disease resistance, weediness, and water and fertilizing requirements. Properly done, mowing can kill weeds, cure diseases, save water, and provide fertilizer.

Lawn Cutting Experts

Even the experts, like the Cornell Turfgrass Program, are still learning about the effects of clipping on grass. The science of mowing is fairly young. Before 1830, the few existing lawns were kept trim either by scythe or sheep. In the Middle Ages, most lawns were “flowery medes”, or patches of wildflower-sprinkled sod brought in from pasture. Low maintenance was the order of the day – the grass was cut just twice a year – because a lawn took days to mow by hand, not hours. The reel lawn mower came along in 1830, and by 1900 it had acquired a motor. Summer Saturday mornings haven’t been the same since.

original lawn mowing service

But advances in lawn mowing technology haven’t changed one fact – grass cutting is an unnatural thing to do. Your lawn does not want to mowed. It would prefer to keep growing straight up, to mature and set seeds. In this regard, the wishes of the lawn and the lawn owner are at odds. We’ve come to think that a closely cropped lawn looks good. Even the smell of freshly mown grass suits us. There”s something about a trimmed lawn that pleases the senses. The shorter it is, the better we feel. But that close cut doesn’t do much for the lawn, and we, the lawn mowers, pay for it in the long run with more work, more sicly grass, and a balky, hard to manage lawn.

A professional lawn cutting service can help you strike a balance between a healthy lawn and an attractive lawn. You will also be able to spend more quality time with you family enjoying your yard.