Benefits of Lawn Care

Health Benefits of Having Proper Fresh Green Grass

Picture this. You step out onto your front porch, coffee in hand, a robe wrapped around you, slippers on your feet. 

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The only thing that ruins this picture is a horrible lawn. Dying brown sticks or overgrown jungle will put a frown on your face. 

You’d think the only benefits of having a green turf are environmental. While you’re right, there are many positive benefits for having a healthy lawn. 

A 50-square-foot lawn produces enough oxygen for four people per day. This means the oxygen you, your wife and your two kid’s breathe every day is being produced right on your doorstep. 

The quality of your groundwater improves, the soil gets better and you’re well protected against fire hazards. 

All this is true, but these environmental benefits are nothing compared to the mental health benefits as well. 

LAwn Maintenance benefits

Studies have shown that just a short walk on soft grass in the morning can awaken inner happiness and peace. In a research paper on “Human Nature Relationship And Its Impact on Health: A Critical Review” by Valentine Seymour, it was found that being close to nature makes you physically fitter, happier, and more environmentally conscious. 

For the past 40 years, the evidence is stacking up. It’s undeniable that having a connection to a natural lawn makes us happier and healthier. 

This explains that fuzzy positive feeling when you step out on your porch and look at a bright green, well maintained lawn. It’s our nature. It’s in our DNA to love and feel good when we are surrounded by grass. 

Taking off your shoes and walking barefoot in the grass feels even better. You can camp out on soft grass, have a picnic on your front garden, and make your house look better for everyone on the street. 

If you’re the only one without a nice lawn, your house will look like a haunting on the hill. Dried brown sticks and overgrown grass tell your neighbors to avoid this ghostly patch. 

Your lawns need constant care, watering, sprinklers and grass cutting. With proper lawn care, you’ll have fresh green grass to enjoy every day. Your health and happiness will improve, and you’ll be making the environment better.